27 Oct 2015

Law school which cut admissions standards sees 31pc pass rate

Just under one in three students at Arizona Summit Law School who sat the bar exam in July got a pass - despite the school offering $5,000 to underperforming students to delay sitting the exam.

Chancery Lane warns that an SQE may force aspiring solicitors to enrol expensive crammer courses. Viorel Sima

The school is one of those owned by Sterling Partners through its InfiLaw subsidiary. All of the law schools owned by the group started to cut adminission requirements in 2012. Arizona Summit had a 75 per cent pass rate before. Another school in the group is the Charlotte School of Law, whose pass rate has dropped from 78 per cent to 47 per cent. 

Government standing idly by

A report from Law School Transparency does not highlight these law schools but says: 'We expect many schools to claim that they are placing bets on students seeking opportunities other schools won’t provide but the reality is that these schools are placing a bet that the profession, accreditors, and government will stand idly by.' Source: ABA