13 Sep 2019

LexisNexis accelerates legaltech programme

Provider announces fourth round of legal tech accelerator participants.


LexisNexis has announced that nine participants were selected in its fourth Legal Tech Accelerator program. The program was started to give startups a leg-up in the rapidly expanding legal tech industry.

Nine accelerators

In line with the broad LexisNexis vision to transform the way law is practiced, each of the nine accelerator participants - Civvis, ClearstoneIP, Courtroom5, Discovery Genie, DueCourse, JDoe, Lawgood, TermScout and Tusk – has been chosen as drivers of innovation in a distinct area of the law. “A record number of applicants applied for this latest round of the program,” said Jeff Pfeifer, chief product officer, North American research solutions at LexisNexis. “After three program cohorts, we have refined where the program has greatest impact and that is helping early-stage companies strengthen their go-to-market and commercial plans.” The Legal Tech Accelerator is an extension of the company’s long-standing support of the legal startup community worldwide and helps power legal market innovation, whether inside or outside its business. The program leverages the industry-leading market expertise and deep knowledge of LexisNexis’ and Lex Machina™ in the legal, technology and startup domains. Participants receive hands-on mentoring and guidance throughout the program, which is based in the Menlo Park, CA offices of Lex Machina and at the Raleigh Technology Center for LexisNexis on the Centennial Campus of North Carolina State University.  “We are really happy to give back to the legal tech community by helping these nine promising companies succeed,” said Josh Becker, head of legal analytics at LexisNexis and chairman of Lex Machina. “Our participants get to interact with other startups – including former startups like Lex Machina, Ravel and Law360 – and learn from each other on how to build their businesses, market their products, and succeed in this challenging and competitive legal environment. We look forward to seeing all of the great things that this fourth batch of tech accelerator participants will do.” Throughout the rigorous 10-week curriculum, Legal Tech Accelerator participants gain knowledge and expertise in a variety of topics, including technology and product development, running an agile product development organization, building a strong company culture, selling to legal departments and law firms, leveraging legal data, and identifying best practices in customer success, marketing and fundraising.


The nine members of the fourth LexisNexis Legal Tech Accelerator cohort are: Civvis is a natural language platform that connects consumers with trusted legal solutions; ClearstoneIP is pioneering and modernizing patent clearance management with a purpose-built and uniquely collaborative web platform; Courtroom5 delivers access to justice to pro se litigants through a case management platform that provides bite-sized, just-in-time legal information, document templates, searchable case law, elements-to-evidence case analysis, and other litigation tools; Discovery Genie is an innovative web-based platform designed to simplify document production and indexing for litigators and paralegals; DueCourse is a learning and professional development platform that helps lawyers take control of their career and map and track their professional development through frictionless, personalized learning; JDoe is an anonymous, end-to-end encrypted reporting platform that connects survivors of sexual misconduct with world-class civil litigators to pursue justice together against repeat offenders; Lawgood helps lawyers make better contracts without expensive practice resources or time-consuming research using crowdsourced data and decision support technology; TermScout helps people and businesses understand contracts by providing simple reviews of commonly signed agreements; and, Tusk is automating the fragmented, painful and expensive estate settlement process.