14 Jul 2015

Lurid Rihanna video targets professionals

The pop music critic at the Financial Times has identified a possible turning point in the portrayal of the professions by Rihanna's seven-minute video 'Bitch Better Have My Money', which features an accountant figure living like a rock star.

Pop star Rihanna has had a pop at the professions Electrolysis

In the video, a figure identified as 'The Accountant' lives in a California mansion with his trophy wife and attends a party. The critic, Ludovic Hunter-Tilney, says: 'Not only does he have the house of a rock star, he parties like one. We see him enjoying the company of two young women: they are not discussing Internal Revenue Service tax codes.'

Deviousness and greed

The accountant's wife is kidnapped in the video, which ends up becoming a bloody tale. But Mr Hunter-Tilney is more interested how through popular culture, in the form of Rihanna's video, the accountant is placed 'in a similar position to the lawyer, who - I refer to fictional representations, of course - has a reputation for deviousness and greed'. Source: Financial Times