Mtetwa trial postponed

The trial of Zimbabwean human rights lawyer Beatrice Mtetwa has been postponed until next month after yesterday's attempts to hold the trial failed after hours of delays and power cuts.

Zimbabwe: lawyer's trial postponed

All Africa reports that the prosecution asked for the postponement, arguing that Ms Mtetwa - who is the lead counsel in her own trial - was busy with another case despite the fact that she had told the court that the delays were affecting her own work and she was ready for the case to be heard and was ready to proceed.

Delaying tactics

A number of the human rights lawyer’s other cases had been postponed due to her being in police custody and her team made it clear they wanted to proceed so she could continue with her other cases in June and July.
Ms Mtetwa’s lawyer Harrison Nkomo claimed the prosecution were surprised that Ms Mtetwa was ready for the trial and are now using delaying tactics.
Ms Mtetwa was arrested in March on charges of obstructing the course of justice by impersonating police officers in order to compile corruption and criminal dossiers against government officials.

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