30 May 2013

Obama taps Bush lawyer to lead FBI

President Barack Obama is reportedly set to turn to former deputy attorney general James Comey - a 2003 appointment by President George W Bush - to head the FBI.

President Obama: FBI leadership choice

Mr Comey – a former associate at LA headquartered-law firm Gibson Dunn & Crutcher – emerged as a top pick after reports suggested his selection would be received with broad bipartisan support, reports the New York Times.
As well as serving in the Department of Justice, Mr Comey was a top prosecutor at the US Attorney’s Office for the Southern District of New York.

Nomination reveal

The selection of Mr Comey – a Republican – is seen as an acceptable to Democrats due to his leadership during a crucial confrontation between US law enforcement and the White House, such as when he refused to comply to White House aides and re-authorise a programme for eavesdropping without warrants when he was serving as acting attorney general.
It is unclear as to when President Obama will officially reveal the nomination, but FBI officials have said that if the president does not name a new director by the beginning of June, it will be difficult to get the nominee confirmed by the beginning of September when current director Robert Mueller by law must leave his post.