06 Sep 2013

Russian billionaire sees off pre-nup challenge

A Russian court has upheld the validity of a prenuptial agreement in a dispute which could have seen one of the country's wealthiest businessmen lose half his fortune.

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Arkady Rotenberg, whose gas-to-construction empire is valued at US$3.3 billion, was held to have a valid pre-nup in place by Moscow's Tushinsky District Court. His ex-wife Natalia had argued that the agreement should have been disregarded. Her lawyer Kira Voronkova is quoted on the Russian Legal Information Service as saying about the pre-nup: 'This agreement places Natalia into disadvantaged material position in comparison to Rotenberg after their divorce. Besides, they have two kids, and the court should take into consideration the interests of under-aged.'

Not invalid

Before the hearing, Mr Rotenberg's lawyer Philipp Ryabchenko told the Russian Legal Information Service: 'The prenuptial agreement meets all the requirements of the legislation; was made on a notary form. There is no reason to declare it invalid.'

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