29 Dec 2014

Saudi lawyer named as world's most influential woman in 2014

Buzzfeed has named the first woman to open a law firm in Saudi Arabia as the top-placed in its annual list of the 15 most influential women in the world.

Bayan Mahmoud Zahran opened the practice in January 2014, when women were first allowed to practice as lawyers in the kingdom. She is cited by Buzzfeed as having made brave attempts to breach social barriers and pushing to broaden the legal rights of women in the law. 

Peace and harmony

She said: 'The Kingdom's constitution which is based on the Islamic Shariah states that all citizens are equal regardless of gender, color and religion.' Asked about winning the title of first place, she said: 'More than the title, I'm happy to see my country developing and living in peace and harmony.' Source: Ummid