05 Mar 2018

Simmonds Stewart launches legaltech internship scheme

The New Zealand law firm has partnered up with its local university to provide tech and entrepreneurship placements.


In what the firm claims is a world first, New Zealand technology law firm Simmonds Stewart has launched a techlaw intern programme in conjunction with the University of Auckland Law School. The programme offers law students paid intern positions at companies in the high-growth tech sector.The aim is to provide law students interested in technology and entrepreneurship with real-world experience in the tech sector. Initially, the programme is offering internships to between 5 and 8 law students at the University of Auckland Law School. If the programme is successful, Simmonds Stewart hopes to work with other universities in the future.

Tech internship

Each student will be paid to provide up to 100 hours of basic legal work for a tech company. Participating companies include Jude, Endace, 9 Spokes, Pacific Channel and Auckland UniServices. Simmonds Stewart will provide training to participating students, as well as pairing the student with a Simmonds Stewart buddy who will support the student and supervise their work where required. The firm’s CEO, Victoria Stewart, says 'this initiative is a New Zealand, and indeed world, first, so we’re really excited to launch it. We think both the law students and tech companies will get huge value from working together.'