11 Jan 2013

Stress, depression and alcohol

On their 1994 debut album Definitely Maybe, the Britpop extraordinaire band, Oasis, sang that when there is nothing worth working for all you need are cigarettes and alcohol.

Oasis: sound advice for stressed lawyers

Oasis: sound advice for stressed lawyers Will Fresch

Fast forward 19 years and much the same could apply to the English legal profession, according to one charity’s statistics.
Stress was the main culprit of lawyers’ woes in 2012, according to helpline LawCare, with 69 per cent of 378 cases involving callers feeling the pressure.
Depression and alcohol were the next most cited issues, receiving 13 per cent and 12 per cent respectively, reports the Law Gazette.
Workload was the most frequently mentioned problem by those who pinpointed a specific issue, followed by financial problems (19 per cent), disciplinary issues and bullying (both 14 per cent).
Litigation lawyers accounted for most calls according to the statistics with 17 per cent, followed by commercial law practitioners (15 per cent) and high street and private client (12 per cent).

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