31 May 2013

US parents still want children to become lawyers

Close to two-thirds of American parents hope that their children will pursue legal careers, a survey yesterday reported.

Parents hold legal hopes for their kids

According to Lawyers.com, 64 per cent of parents surveyed said they wanted their children to join the legal profession. Having a child become a lawyer was a key choice for aspirational lower income families, with 80 per cent of parents who make less than $25,000 per year saying they would like their child to become a lawyer, while the figure for parents who make at least $75,000 was 54 per cent.

Respected professionals

Although Lawyers.com did not reveal the parameters of the poll, it claims that 55 per cent of mothers expressed an interest in their children marrying lawyers, while only 38 per cent of fathers expressed similar sentiments.
Larry Bodine, editor-in-chief of Lawyers.com, commented: ‘Being a lawyer means being a respected professional, and that’s something that parents want for their children.
‘Despite the tough economy facing the next generation, it’s exciting to note that nearly two-thirds of parents would be happy with a law degree in their child’s future.’