Vietnam limits rights of Twitter users to comment on public issues

Vietnam is introducing a new law in September which bans Facebook and Twitter users from sharing news stories.

US embassy in Hanoi concerned over online restrictions to Facebook and Twitter users' freedom Tomislav Pinter

It is not yet clear how Decree 72 will be enforced - but it was signed by the prime minister in the last few days and says that sites such as Facebook should be used only 'to provide and exchange personal information'. The US embassy in Hanoi has expressed its anxiety at the human rights restrictions. It said, according to the New Zealand Herald: 'We are deeply concerned by the decree's provisions that appear to limit the types of information individuals can share via personal social media accounts and on websites….Fundamental freedoms apply online just as they do offline.' So far in 2013, 46 activists have been found guilty of anti-state activity and sentenced to prison. Some have been given long sentences.

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