Zambian lawyers protest against Chief Justice

The Zambian Law Association, law firms and individual lawyers have been involved in a 'dignified protest' at the continued stay in office of acting Chief Justice Phillis Lombe Chibesakunda.

Zambian lawyers petitioned the removal of Chief Justice due to an invalid appointment Aleksandar Mijatovic

The lawyers protested outside Lusaka's magistrates court last week, urging that the chief justice's appointment be ended. They have petitioned for her immediate removal on the grounds that her appointment is not valid. There are allegations that she continues in place - despite, at age 70, being appointed without the correct procedures being followed - because she is favourable to the ruling party, the Patriotic Front. The ruling party has asked the courts to declare invalid about 50 of 150 parliamentary seats, and this has happened in several cases.

Dignified protest

'This is a dignified protest," said leader of the protest James Banda, president of the Zambian Law Association, as quoted by the Mail & Guardian in Zambia. '[…] she must vacate the office of chief justice and we hope the court will agree with us.'

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