Blockchain consortium expands to Africa with Miranda Alliance

The Miranda Alliance has announced that it has joined the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium (GLBC) as its first African organization.

  • 5yrs

ICC commission targets arbitration growth in Africa

The ICC International Court of Arbitration (ICC) is to launch an Africa Commission to co-ordinate its growth and activity in Africa.

  • 5yrs

New study highlights critical role of corporate governance in Africa

Corporate governance improvements are linked to value creation in Africa, according to 2018 Africa Sustainability Study.

Swazi politicians demand prison for law chief

The Swaziland House of Assembly has called for the president of the country's law society, Titus Mlangeni, and his executive to be gaoled with no option of a fine.

  • 11yrs

Swazi lawyers block MPs' bid to regulate

Swaziland's lawyers have blocked a parliamentary attempt to investigate the legal profession and prevent it from self-regulating.

  • 11yrs

Swazi lawyers oppose parliamentary probe into self-regulation

The body representing lawyers in Swaziland is seeking a court order to block the country's parliament from launching a probe into the affairs of its members and a study of self-regulation in the legal profession.

  • 11yrs