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Iberian lawyers reveal their 'secret terror'

Lawyers complain of 'living in hell' at work and experiencing family and other relationship problems.

  • 5yrs

Three law firms in Spanish merger

New entity called Zurbaran Abogados created by the joining together of the firms Zamora de Claver, Cuellar Abogados and RZS Abogados.

  • 5yrs

Treaty half-way to helping 'dangerous profession'

Spain is latest country to accede to IMO Cape Town Agreement on fishing vessel safety, helping a dangerous profession but more needed.

  • 5yrs

Shakira in unique legal paradise

Singer, who was named in the so-called paradise papers, reportedly faces criminal tax fraud charges, but says her case is 'unique.'

  • 5yrs

Spain calls for more stable regulation, rejects sandboxes

Spanish congress issues long-awaited 107-page report of the financial crisis investigation commission, and rejects regulatory sandboxes.

  • 5yrs

Brexit and environment on the agenda in busy week for maritime lawyers

European Maritime lawyers meet in London Brexit, hot on the heels of IMO approving GHG programme and rejecting US last minute pitch.

  • 5yrs

The UK & Europe cryptocurrency race is on

Race is on but compariable regulatory extensions suggests UK regulation of the cryptocurrency market would take two years, says legal director.

  • 5yrs

ICOs not working as expected say regulators

EU financial markets regulator to examines ICOs to determine road aged for regulation.

  • 5yrs

ACC Europe elects new president

Hans Albers of Juniper Networks is to lead the European in-house network, aims for growth.

Balancing competitiveness and environment tops the maritime agenda

Global Legal Post is at the Malta Maritime Summit 2018, officially opened by the Malta transport minister, who also held tripartite meeting.

  • 5yrs

Spanish lawyers release scathing report on legal system

Barcelona bar association warns of collapse in courts due to overload resulting from European court decision on mortgage contracts.

  • 5yrs

CJEU takes the biscuit!

Following a CJEU order, the EU intellectual property office (EUIPO) needs to revisit a 16-year-old decision on the shape of KitKat bars.

  • 5yrs

Digital age copyright reform stalls as MEPs vote down changes

Despite celebrity endorsement, reform of EU copyright reform voted down giving campaigning internet companies a big win.

  • 6yrs

EU asked for GDPR exemptions by regulators

Regulators are concerned cross-border investigations could be placed in jeopardy by GDPR requirements.

  • 6yrs

Spain's draft crypto regulation could stall amidst political uncertainty

Political uncertainty in Spain overshadows unanimous support by Congress for cryptocurrencies, Malta may usurp market.

  • 6yrs

EC to remove 'unwarranted' regulatory barriers for SBBS

The European Commission (EC) is proposing new rules to remove regulatory barriers and offer market-led solutions for sovereign bond-backed securities (SBBS).

  • 6yrs

Latham & Watkins pull in top DLA team

DLA Piper has lost one of its top billers with the defection of global co-chair Juan Picón to Lathams.

  • 6yrs

How legal is Catalonia's declaration of independence?

Much has been said on Catalonia's declaration of independence from Spain. But is it legal? Alfonso Valero, principal lecturer in law at Nottingham Law School, considers the case.

Smart contracts company is Garrigues legal tech choice

Start-up Finboot, which creates a digital platform for smart contracts, has won the first Legal Tech Competition organised by Garrigues at South Summit.

  • 6yrs

Garrigues joins AI revolution

The Spanish law firm, which is hosting the first legal tech competition in the country, has created a robot to streamline its processes for its lawyers.

  • 6yrs