BigLaw brief encounter in Manhattan courtroom

By Kiran Kurian

07 March 2014 at 12:49 BST

A Hogan Lovells partner has been sued for allegedly trampling over the opposing lawyer on his way out of court and hitting him with his briefcase.

An alleged incident in a NY courtroom has seen a BigLaw partner being sued Pisaphotography

David Dunn, who was representing the Bank of New York Mellon, had just heard  a five page ruling on the case in a conference room suggesting the firm and the bank had acted in bad faith on a foreclosure case.  As he left the court, chaos ensued with the opposing lawyer, foreclosure attorney Bruce Richardson claiming  Mr Dunn allegedly ‘pushed and shoved' him and 'hit him in his face and chest with (his) briefcase.’ According to the lawsuit, the clerk shouted ‘You just assaulted that attorney, I saw what you did.’ 
Injury allegations
After court officers detained Dunn in a security office,  Richardson declined to press charges as he did not want to tarnish his career. However, a few months later Richardson began experiencing growing back and leg pain which required corrective surgery for a herniated disk in his spine, which he claimed was due to Dunn’s actions. Richardson is now suing for damages including medical expenses, lost wages, and lost enjoyment of life. A Hogan Lovell spokesperson reported that “These allegations are absolutely without merit. Beyond that we have no further comment.” Source: ABA Journal. 

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