14 March 2019 at 10:29 BST

Dechert dress policy now includes jeans

Dechert lawyers don't need to wait until tomorrow's casual Friday to look this good.


Dechert has announced the firm is modernising its business casual dress policy to be inclusive of jeans, though the firm insists the norm is to reflect client norms.

Express individuality

Chief Talent and Human Resources Officer ,Alison Bernard explained ‘we hope this enhanced policy makes it easier for our people to feel comfortable, express individuality, embrace innovation and do their best work.’ She added ‘Dechert’s culture emphasizes that we are at our best when we are trusted and empowered to deliver for our clients. And we believe that our policy will help make it easier for our talent to be at their best each day.’ However, employees are expected to adhere to client norms for meetings, as well as dress in business attire when, for example, going to court, an arbitration or taking a deposition.

Client norms

Dechert is the latest firm to redefine norms of acceptable workplace attire, though like other firms Ms Bernard said the default is always to adapt to client norms. She explained the firm’s existing business casual policy is now been further relaxed to include jeans. Some offices within the firm had already allowed lawyers and staff to wear jeans on certain days or parts of the year, but she said there was a desire to have a more uniform policy. Ms Bernard concluded, “We believe this is an important shift in supporting our community.”


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