21 September 2015

Dotcom's extradition hearing begins

The long-awaited hearing for the extradition of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom began today in Auckland, New Zealand. The US is seeking to extradite Mr Dotcom and three of his colleagues for alleged copyright infringement, money laundering and racketee

By Victoria Basham

The prosecution must prove that a crime was committed in both the US and New Zealand for Mr Dotcom to be extradited Getty Images

Authorities raided Mr Dotcom’s Auckland home in 2012 and shut down his site Megaupload, which had millions of users downloading films and songs and storing files. As well as the US government, six major US film studios filed a civil suit against him in 2014 for alleged copyright infringements. The suit claims that the website made about US$150 million in subscriptions and another $25 million from advertisements on Megaupload and associated websites.

Innovator or pirate?

Mr Dotcom maintains that he was running a cloud storage firm like any other and has attempted to remove infringing content. Ahead of today’s hearings, he wrote on Twitter: ‘I am going to court today. The question is innovator or pirate. The answer will be Internet freedom or censorship.’ Sources: BBC News; Computerworld

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