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Fee examiner persuades Dentons to cut Detroit fees

By Nazar Chernyavsky

24 November 2014 at 07:15 BST

Dentons has agreed to reduce some of its bills relating to the bankruptcy of Deloitte city by as much as 40 per cent after the intervention of a fee examiner.

Dentons slash fees for Detroit Andrey Badya

The firm billed over US$125,000 over a six month period in relation to monitoring and responding to media reports on behalf of the city's pensioners. In one example, a lawyer billed $450 for walking from his office to a court building and getting through the security check. He afterwards cut the bill in half. 

Drafting press reports

The fee examiner, Robert Fishman of Shaw Fishman Glantz & Tobin, commented: 'Although certain media activities may fall within the scope of providing legal services, such as reviewing and advising on press reports prepared by a client, other tasks do not, such as drafting the entire press report and reviewing newspaper articles on the bankruptcy case.'

Drive to Detroit

The billing practices of Jones Day and other professional advisers are being highlighted in the US press. A Jones Day lawyer billed $4,252 to drive from Ohio to Detroit, collect documents, interview the custodian of the documents and drive back. Source: Crain's Detroit Business


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