First ever 'para-law' firm launches in the UK

By Kathryn Higgins

20 January 2017 at 12:49 BST

The controversial new venture will allow unlicensed paralegals to do the bulk of case work in order to drive down costs for clients.


Launched by the Kohen Rapoport Group and named ‘LCM’, the United Kingdom’s first ever ‘para-legal’ firm combines regulated services offered by solicitors and barristers with services provided by unlicensed paralegals. The LCM model allows paralegals to perform the bulk of the work associated with a client’s case, while their licensed counterparts supervise and step in only when necessary. The Kohen Rapoport Group estimates that around 90 per cent of the brunt work associated with a typical legal case can be performed by a skilled but unlicensed paralegal.

By shifting the majority of the case workload onto paralegals, the group hopes that LCM will be able to deliver significant cost savings for clients and push more traditional firms towards cost-saving innovations. The Kohen Rapoport Group CEO and founder Dr Yuri Rapoport commented: ‘The LCM mantra is simple – we help companies and individuals to cut their legal costs and optimise case results.  Our role ensures lawyers don’t spend time on unnecessary tasks such as information collection, document bundling, evidence qualification, client management, etc. - because we take care of this for them.’


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