Law graduate rumbled after lying in exam

By Megan Malloy

06 December 2012 at 11:54 BST

A law graduate was prohibited from practising by the California state bar this week after revelations that she lied about having a disability to get extended time to take the qualifying exam.

San Francisco: licence cancelled

San Francisco: licence cancelled

Leah Harmuth – a graduate from the University of California Hastings College of Law – saw her licence cancelled by state authorities after she applied to take the New York bar exam two years after receiving time and a half to pass the California exam in 2009.

MoFo placement

The American Lawyer website reports that her March 2009 application claimed that she had received accommodations for a disability during her undergraduate study at the University of Pennsylvania, though an investigation found no records of university-approved accommodations.
Ms Harmuth worked as a summer associate at San Francisco-based law firm Morrison & Foerster and has since pursued a career in the art industry. She has been prohibited from applying to be a lawyer in New York for two years and her California licence has been cancelled.


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