MTG's Rowley to head up China group

By Melissa Lesh

26 March 2014 at 09:31 BST

Nigel Rowley, a managing partner based in London, was named president of the London chapter of the US China Global Investment & Trade Alliance (USCGITA).

Nigel Rowley was named president of the London chapter of the USCGITA. QQ7

As president of the London chapter, Rowley will develop business opportunities between the UK and China, using his contacts in the corporate and commercial sectors.  He believes China’s implementation of the Free Trade Zone makes them more open to international trade.  Rowley said: “As President of the London Chapter it will be my role to help facilitate trade and investment between the UK, the US and China, utilising my extensive multi-jurisdictional expertise and contacts throughout the world via the Mackrell International network of lawyers.”


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