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11 October 2017 at 06:05 BST

New Florida litigation firm highlights technology capabilities

The law firm, which is involved in suing Herbalife, is highlighting its use of technology to maximise strategic advantages for its clients.

Rancz Andrei

A litigation law firm which utilises technology to minimise cost has opened its doors in Florida. Mark Migdal & Hayden is a combination of five lawyers from Florida law firms. These include the former head of litigation at Berger Singerman Etan Mark and fellow partner Don Hayden. Josh Migdal joins from Stolzenberg Gelles Flynn & Arango. The firm says on its website that practice of law is evolving and the firm was formed 'as a boutique law firm focused on excellence in Florida litigation, international arbitration and appeals. We differentiate ourselves not just with our technical expertise, but with two primary objectives that inform each of our matters. First, we leverage technology and 2017 management styles (instead of 1917 management styles) to maximise strategic advantages in a lawsuit. Second, we address head on the two biggest complaints that clients have with their litigators: fee unpredictability and poor communication.'  


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