Not just another brick in the wall

By Dr David Cowan

06 December 2018 at 11:27 BST

New generation law firm WALLESS plans to break convention with focus on openness and trust.


Responding to disruption in the legal profession, a group of five partners have chosen to forgo partnership at one of the biggest law firms in Lithuania, Ellex Valiunas, to start a new model law firm called WALLESS, which they plan to launch officially in the beginning of 2019.

2019 start
The group of partners recently broke away from one of the oldest and well-known firms in the Baltic region, Ellex Valiunas, to initiate a change in the region’s legal landscape. The group of five are Dovile Burgiene, Gediminas Reciunas, Joana Baublyte-Kulviete, Aiste Medeliene and Laura Ziferman. Three more partners will join the firm soon. They say they are seeking seek more openness, improved processes, and improved relationships with clients based on earned trust.

Market ready for reshaping
Founding partner, Dovile Burgiene, stated ‘all partners have over 15 years of experience in the legal field, and thoroughly enjoy their profession. We are intent on creating a new generation law firm, which is upheld by the highest integrity and quality standards. She added, ‘in recent years, clients have become more assertive, purchasing specific services they need from the best legal specialists in the market. We will offer services in those areas where we have most experience, backed by expert teams.’ Ms Burgiene explained,‘the name WALLESS reveals our main values,we will interact openly and without restrictions with our clients as well as inside of our firm,’ adding ‘we want change and challenges, and this support encourages us. It also shows us that the market is ready to be reshaped.’


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