05 September 2012 at 09:04 BST

Canadian gender gap in in-house salaries

Female in-house counsel in Canada are making less money than their male colleagues and receiving lower salary increases, according to the Canadian Corporate Counsel Association.

Vancouver: 'gender issue' for Canadian GCs

On average in-house counsel earn around CAN$155,000 (£98,800) – an increase of CAN$4,500 (£2,800) since 2010 with women earning  around 16 per cent less than their male counterparts.

Whilst the research, conducted with The Counsel Network,  revealed that a higher proportion of women held more junior, lower paying jobs, it also showed that when the roles are isolated, male salaries are still consistently higher than their female counterparts, reports The Canadian Lawyer.

'While there seems to remain an issue with gender, it would be interesting to conduct interviews to see if it’s something systemic or how much of it is particular to the individual circumstance,'  CCCA chairman Geoff Creighton said in the article.


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