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Computer science grads could get the edge on law grads in PI sector

By Neasa MacErlean

11 December 2015 at 09:02 BST

A leading player in the UK personal injury sector has said that he would prefer to recruit computer science graduates to law graduates because of the growing importance of IT.


Colin Ettinger, visiting professor of law at the University of Law and a partner in Irwin Mitchell, said: 'If you are someone who is IT adept, you will stand a much better chance. I’m not speaking on behalf of my firm here, but, in my field of personal injury law, I would actually look at someone with a computer science degree in preference to any other graduate.'

Revolution or evolution

He believes that an 'Uber-style revolution or, perhaps, evolution' is on its way in the law. One effect in the area of clinical negligence, he says, is that it could open up a whole new level of cases which are not brought at the moment. This is because it would not make economic sense to bring them because the cost of reviewing medical records outweighs the amount that could be won. But IT-based reviewing systems could change that equation and make this segment of cases cheaper to process. Source: Legal Cheek


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