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Cornell Law trumps Harvard and Yale for highest-paid grads, study finds

By Kathryn Higgins

31 January 2017 at 08:40 BST

Graduates from the prestigious Cornell Law School are raking in an average salary of $183,377 per year, outstripping their peers from more often revered schools across the United States.

Mikalai Maminau

A recent study published by online loan refinancing company Social Finance (SoFi) has ranked US law schools according to the average salary their graduates take home three years after entering the workforce. Ivy League institution Cornell Law School topped the SoFi rankings, with its graduates making an average of $183,377. Pipped to the post were several of Cornell’s high-profile Ivy League peers, including Harvard Law (5th with an average annual salary of $173,587) and Yale Law School (8th, with $171,779).

Interestingly, the SoFi study also ranked schools according to the income-to-debt ratio their students carry three years after graduating – with, predictably, very different results. Utah-based Brigham Young University topped this leaguetable with an average annual salary of $108,916 to just $64,873 worth of debt. Top 10 schools for average income like NYU, University of Chicago and Northwestern all slid down the ranks considerably once debt was accounted for, with their graduates burdened by an average debt of $164,552, $153,210 and $157,636 respectively. 


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