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Gibson Dunn partner faces charges from ex-Leeds United head and GC

By Neasa MacErlean

01 April 2015 at 12:43 BST

The embroiled Gibson Dunn partner Peter Gray is one of three men accused by the lawyer who used to be head of Leeds United FC.

Dubai: holding Haigh in prison Boule

The case, a private prosecution,  is due to be heard next week, on April 9, at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London. Stephenson Harwood is acting for David Haigh who also used to be the general counsel to GFH Capital, former owners of Leeds United. Mr Gray is himself embroiled in controversy already, having been suspended from Gibson Dunn & Crutcher for the Djibouti case. He could face criminal charges in that case in which he provided incorrect information to a court, information that contributed to decisions to freeze the assets of another individual. A costs and consequences hearing is taking place at the Commercial Court today. 


Mr Haigh has been in prison in Dubai for over ten months. He alleges  that Mr Gray and two of his former employers lured him to Dubai, arranging his visa and paying his air ticket. In Dubai, he was arrested and imprisoned indefinitely on suspicion of falsifying £3m of invoice - but without being charged. 


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