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Lawyers working over 60 hours per week show most satisfaction

By Neasa MacErlean

25 November 2015 at 09:01 BST

In research carried out and analysed at Indiana University, lawyers exceeding 60 hours weekly show higher satisfaction levels than others in 10 out of 14 areas.


A total of 516 lawyers took part in the research, which was analysed by Lawyer Metrics, a company set up by Professor William Henderson to help law firms examine data on recruitment and retention. 

Professional ethics

Lawyers working these long hours were more likely than colleagues to agree with statements such as: 'their organization values professional ethics', 'their work culture allows them to thrive' and 'young people should pursue legal careers'.

Life outside work

There were two statements with which the lawyers working over 60 hours weekly or 51-60 hours weekly were likely to disagree: 'their career permits a life outside work', and 'their organizations support flexible arrangements'. Source: ABA


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