17 September 2012 at 13:46 BST

US Judge throws out law students' claim

An Illinois judge has dealt a blow to a group of DePaul University College of Law graduates by dismissing their law suit against the school over misleading information about the job market.

Nine DePaul graduates had been seeking compensation from the school, referring to job information posts which detailed how many graduates had gained employment – but did not specify whether these jobs were full-time or required a law degree.

Deep recession

According to the Business Insider web site, Cook County Circuit Judge Neil Cohen had little sympathy for the group. He said that the university could not be held responsible for the students graduating at ‘the height of a tumultuous and deep recession that seriously affected employment in the legal profession’.

However, the graduates have confirmed they will challenge the ruling, with their lawyer stating that the decision ‘should be appealed and will be’.


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