18 October 2019

BSB streamlines case management

Bar Standards Board implements CaseLines as part of its new-look regulatory operations.


CaseLines has announced that the Bar Standards Board (BSB), the regulatory body for barristers in England and Wales, is implementing CaseLines’ digital evidence delivery and review platform.


The CaseLines platform is being integrated with a new custom-built case management system and is part of the Bar Standard Board’s new regulatory operations programme of work. The platform is part of a suite of changes designed to streamline their processes and increase efficiency. CaseLines is being used to collate and store evidence in digital form, allowing the evidence to be easily and securely shared between members of the BSB’s staff and the independent decision-making body (IDB), responsible for taking decisions on whether reported concerns should be referred to disciplinary action. 

Efficiency savings

“The implementation of CaseLines alongside our new case management system will deliver significant efficiency savings,” said Sara Jagger, director of legal and enforcement at the BSB. “It makes the task of collating, reviewing and annotating evidence so much easier for everyone involved, and crucially helps to speed up the decision-making process.  In the future we hope to extend the use of CaseLines to supporting tribunals and other panels.” Jon McNerney, ceo of CaseLines added, “ The use of CaseLines allows the BSB to benefit from cloud-based collaboration and the highest levels of security while eliminating rising paper-handling costs and reducing carbon footprint.”

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