Argentinians protest over mysterious death of prosecutor

Argentinians have taken to the streets, carrying banners saying 'I am Nisman', after state prosecutor Alberto Nisman died in odd circumstances the day before he was to testify in Congress after accusing the President of a cover-up.

Argentina: Questions arise over the death of the prosecutor Anton_Ivanov

Mr Nisman had, a few days before his death, accused President Cristina Fernandez of trying to cover up the role of Iran in a 1994 terrorist attack on a Jewish community centre in which 85 people died. An official autopsy has concluded that he died from a shot to the temple and that no-one else had been involved. 

Doubts on suicide theory

Many Argentinians have been unable to believe that the 51-year old would kill himself days before he was due to give evidence, having spent two years putting his case together. The president herself implied that he had been involved in a dispute with the Argentinian intelligence agency. Source: Financial Times

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