18 Aug 2016

Brazilian judge orders seizure of US swimmers' passports

A Brazilian judge has ordered that the passports of US Olympic swimmers Ryan Lochte and James Feigen be seized, noting 'possible divergences' in their accounts of an armed robbery last weekend.

Donato Fiorentino

The New York Times and the Associated Press report that a special tribunal for sporting events yesterday confirmed that Judge Keyla Blanc had ordered the seizure.

Divergent accounts

Blanc said in a statement that according to Lochte, he and other athletes were stopped by one robber who demanded money, while Feigen said there were multiple robbers, but only one had a gun. She added that security footage shows the swimmers appearing to joke with one another as they passed through security at the Athletes’ Village after the incident.

Lochte has already returned to the US, his father told AP, while his lawyer, Jeff Ostrow, told the Washington Post that he cooperated with police and the incident happened ‘exactly the way Ryan described it.’

Feigen told the San Antonio Express-News that he is still in Brazil.