16 Oct 2012

Bullying rife in English legal profession

Around one in six English solicitors claims to have been bullied at work, a study published this week has revealed, with employed lawyers the most dramatically affected.

Gloves come off far too often at English law firms

Gloves come off far too often at English law firms

A quarter of those working in government say they have experienced bullying, compared to 23 per cent working in commerce and industry and 16 per cent in private practice, reports the Law Society Gazette.


The survey – conducted by the Law Society of England and Wales as part of a programme promoting solicitor wellbeing – questioned around 1,600 lawyers. Six per cent claimed to have experienced sexual harassment while 10 per cent said they had been discriminated against.
Of the 168 respondents claiming to have experienced discrimination, 64 per cent attributed it to their gender, 20 per cent to their age, 20 per cent to their ethnicity and 19 per cent to social class.
The Law Society’s corporate responsibility specialist, Kate Walmsley, commented that reports of bullying, harassment and discrimination are ‘clearly too high’.

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