05 Jan 2015

Dershowitz threatens Florida lawyer over sex abuse claims

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz has vowed to begin disbarment proceedings against the lawyers who have made claims about him and Prince Andrew - and he is also threatening a possible defamation action.

Prince Andrew also named

Bradley J Edwards, a Florida-based practioner specialising in 'representing crime victims and their families' filed a suit, mentioning the two men at the end of December. Paul Cassell, a former federal judge and now a law professor at the University of Utah, worked with Mr Edwards on the suit.

Denied claims

The lawsuit makes grave allegations of a sexual nature about the lawyer and the Prince. Both have denied the claims. Professor Dershowitz said: 'It’s a completely, totally fabricated, made-up story. I have never had sex with an underage woman. They made up this story out of whole cloth. I’m an innocent victim of an extortion conspiracy.' Professor Dershowitz is one of the most well-known criminal lawyers in the US, having acted for Claus von Bulow, Patty Hearst and Mike Tyson. 

Disbarment proceedings

Professor Dershowitz said he would begin disbarment proceedings against both Mr Edwards and Professor Cassell. If the lawyers repeat the allegations out of court, Mr Dershowitz has said that he will start a defamation action. 

Vast trial experience

The LinkedIn page of Mr Edwards details his areas of expertise and says: 'Many of his clients have been injured or harmed as a result of a criminal activity (rape, shooting, stabbing, fraud, privacy rights violations, etc.). Edward's prosecution experience makes him adept at handling these types of cases and his vast trial experience puts pressure on the defendants. Edwards has built a reputation for successfully handling the "civil" litigation aspect of these types of cases and handing over his findings to state and federal prosecutors, who then can pursue the criminal case on behalf of the victims.' Sources: Wall St Journal and  LinkedIn