Dutch law firm to bring Malaysia Airlines compensation case

A law firm based in the Netherlands is soon to bring a lawsuit on behalf of Dutch families who lost relatives when Malaysia Airlines MH17 went down over Ukraine in July.

A Dutch law firm is looking to bring a lawsuit against the government A Kmad Faizal Yahya

The legal representation in this and the earlier plane lost by Malaysia Airlines has raised difficult questions. In the earlier case, local Malaysian lawyers resented the claims of lawyers from the US who tried to take the case on at a very early stage. In the Ukraine case, which saw the loss of 196 Dutch nationals among a total of 298 passengers and crew, Bob van der Goen, of liability specialists Van der Goen, has now written to the Dutch government saying that the families will be seeking unspecified damages. 


Mr Van der Goen said: ‘We will hold the Dutch government liable. They are negligent because of the slowness of the case and the failure to get to the crash site, which should have been possible.’ Source: MSN News

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