30 Jan 2015

Father and son legal team sue Australian politician

Chris Hannay and his son Daniel have been accused of contempt of court by the man they are suing for defamation in a A$1.2m suit - Campbell Newman, the premier of Queensland.

Gold Coast: Lawyers take umbrage over premier comments zstock

The Hannays, of Hannay Lawyers on the Gold Coast, claim that the premier defamed them at a press conference in February when he spoke of lawyers being 'part of the criminal gang machine' and 'hired guns [who] take money from people who sell drugs to our teenagers and young people'. They say that he singled them out, when answering another question, as being the people he was talking about. 


Mr Newman is involved in three defamation cases at the moment. He is back at the polls this weekend, seeking re-election in Saturday's state vote. Mr Newman's lawyers deny that he had identified them in his comments - but Mr Newman's team say that the Hannays show 'contempt of the magistrates court' when they advise some of their clients not to answer court summonses. Source: The Guardian