05 Sep 2016

Four in ten senior associates regret choosing a career in law

If you had your time again, would you still choose to become a lawyer?


This was the question put to respondents in industry publication The Lawyer’s most recent Salary Survey. While around 60 per cent of bright-eyed trainees had no regrets about their decision to pursue a legal career, it seems as though the certainty and optimism begin to ebb away the further up the career ladder lawyers climb. More than half with one to three years’ PQE said they wouldn’t, or weren’t sure if they would, choose to become a lawyer if given their time over. For those with seven or more years’ experience, the number of associates who answered ‘yes’ when asked if they would choose a career in law again was as low as 37 per cent. However, the perks of the partnership seem to rose-tint the legal career path somewhat, with just over half of partners saying that would pick the same career again if given the chance.