27 Aug 2013

Indians fear dying before getting justice in court

Indians are so wary of slow legal proceedings that they fear dying before they get justice in court, according to the Supreme Court in New Delhi.

New Delhi: seat of Supreme Court Rchitan Sorin

Justices B S Chauhan and S A Bobde said in a judgement on whether a lawyer had acted fairly or not: 'For a long time, the people of the nation have been convinced that a case would not culminate during the life time of the litigant and is beyond the ability of astrologer to anticipate his fate.' They continued, according to First Post: 'Law is no trade, briefs no merchandise. An advocate being an officer of the court has a duty to ensure smooth functioning of the court. He has to revive the person in distress and cannot exploit the helplessness of innocent litigants. A wilful and callous disregard for the interests to the client may in a proper case be characterised as conduct unbefitting an advocate.'