21 Aug 2015

Law firm appears at Edinburgh Fringe to discuss fake online reviews

Paul Motion, partner in Glasgow and Edinburgh firm bto, is making two appearances in his own show, 'Phoney or False Reviews Online - What Can I Do?', at the Edinburgh Fringe theatre festival.


The firm has taken to the stage for the last five years as well. Paul Motion is head of he firms's Online Reputation and Data Protection teams. He will be discussing problems such as fake reviews of restaurants or hotels being put up on the internet with a demand for money - £1,000 in one instance - being made if the business 'reviewed' wants the posting taken down. 

Army of amateur reviewers

The first show took place yesterday at Venue 2 at Fringe Central. The second one takes place on Thursday, 27 August at 13.30 at the same location. Speaking before the events, he said: 'While the internet has become indispensable in helping small businesses promote themselves, it has also left them somewhat at the mercy of a growing army of amateur reviewers. Years spent building a great reputation can be undone overnight, whether by a one-sided customer rant or a completely fake review with the aim of damaging the company name.'

Real cases

He continued: 'I will share details of real cases my colleagues and I have dealt with, offer some practical thoughts on what action can be taken in response to a fake review or a rant and generally try to work out whether the law or the review sites provide effective remedies.' Source: bto