Lawyer leads recreation of Arthur Andersen brand name and business

French lawyer Veronique Martinez is at the helm of a project to launch 'the new Arthur Andersen' in Europe in 2016, in a plan to revive the old brand values and fierce reputation of the company that disintegrated 12 years ago after the Enron scandal

Ms Martinez said her new partnership will offer most of the old Andersen services, apart from audit and tax 360b

But the France-based business faces a battle with Andersen Tax in the US, which also lays claim to the Arthur Andersen heritage. Ms Martinez, who was a lawyer in the original firm, says that the two groups have been in discussions. She insists that her business has the right to use the name. She said: 'We can implement our project without them [agreeing to use of the name], but the alternative is not necessarily the case.'

Values behind Andersen

Some will wonder why a new business would want to use the old Arthur Andersen branding. But Ms Martinez says her group will not repeat the mistakes of the past and will instead uphold 'the values behind Andersen, the way of thinking, and the way of working'. Source: FT

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