08 Sep 2015

Lawyer who swindled Legal Aid loses licence

A NSW solicitor who fraudulently charged Legal Aid A$30,000 has been stripped of his right to practice law.

Aussie pay:Sydney still leads the way

Sonny Wilson was found guilty by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal of using false invoices for payment in four cases between 2011 and 2013. The tribunal said: ‘In our view the dishonesty involved in his conduct is so egregious that no order other than an order that his name be removed from the roll will meet the circumstances.’ He was ordered to pay the legal fees of the Council of the Law Society of NSW.

Mr Wilson has been unemployed since the NSW Law Society suspended his practicing certificate in 2013 and applied for bankruptcy earlier this year. He is currently working on a new role as a Christian minister. Source: Australasian Lawyer