10 Apr 2014

NI troubles behind mediation service launch

The largest US mediation service, JAMS, has launched a new international mediation service in Ireland to be headed up by high profile media lawyer Paul Tweed.

World renowned mediation specialist, JAMS, has launched a new international mediation service in Ireland. littleny

Mr Tweed has joined forces with a top mediation organisation to launch an alternative dispute resolution service in Belfast and Dublin. JAMS Ireland, offers a range of  mediation and arbitration services in areas ranging from commerical to diplomatic and political disputes. It is part of the international group JAMS, which is the largest mediation service in the US. 

The Troubles

Mr Tweed said that he wanted to "capitalise on Northern Ireland having "mediated" its way out of the Troubles and utilise Ireland's convenient geographical location between America and Europe." He added that JAMS Ireland would offer a "neutral and convenient geographical location as well as a world-class panel of experts with unique experience and a strong pedigree in mediating the most problematic cross-border and general commercial disputes.”  US Senator George Mitchell is a supporter of the initiative, having negotiated the Good Friday peace agreement in Belfast.

A solution to expensive litigation

The founders of JAMS Ireland, which includes barrister Gavin Bonnar, have over fifty years experience litigating across Ireland and have seen major changes in dispute resolving methodology over this period. They believe that far too often parties are forced into expensive litigation services with unpredictable outcomes and that this service will offer a solution to this problem. JAMS boasts a panel of world class specialists, across the UK, Ireland and the US, offering a fast and efficient dispute resolution service. Source: JAMS Ireland

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