04 Jun 2015

Pavia & Ansaldo win Uber ban

An Italian court has banned unlicensed car-sharing services such as those offered by Uber throughout the country, in another setback for the fast-growing US car service.


Italian taxi drivers and their organisations hired Nico Moravio and Marco Gistiniani, partners at Pavia e Ansaldo along with Dr Alessandro Fabbi, research fellow in civil procedure at the Sapienza University of Rome, to argue their case against the fast-growing company. Banning Uber, the court said the service, which connects private drivers with passengers through a smartphone app, created ‘unfair competition’. It is the latest in a series of legal challenges facing the San Francisco-based company, a start-up which has quickly grown into a business worth approximately $40 billion. Uber was given 15 weeks to comply or will be fined €20,000 for each day’s delay adhering to the court ruling.   Sources: Reuters; TopLegal