Robots predicted to take on associate lawyer work

The time could arrive sooner than we expect in which one robot will be able to handle the work of a dozen junior associates, according to a new report.

A report, Civilisation 2030: The near future for law firms, from Jomati Consultants is predicting that artificial intelligence systems could enter the legal sector far sooner than most of us expect. Technology can jump ahead 'at astonishing speed', say the authors of the report. The advantages of using 'bots' instead of humans could be considerable: 'They would not seek advancement. They would not ask for pay rises. Process legal work would rapidly descend in cost.'

Age-related legal business

The report also predicts a marked rise in legal work related to the aging of the population - for instance, related to healthcare and specialist construction companies, pension issues, age-related litigation and battles over pharmaceutical products. Source: Law Fuel

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