14 Jul 2014

Tensions grow between Chinese state and lawyers

Relations between the Chinese nascent legal profession and state enforcement agencies are rising as access is denied to the lawyers to visit clients in some political cases, according to Radio Free Asia.

Chinese lawyers have launched a campaign to protest against curbs on the profession Aleksandar Mijatovic

Chinese lawyers have launched a signature campaign to protest against curbs on the profession, including the punishment of lawyers said to be acting ‘outside of professional boundaries’. The lawyers are also concerned about a possible ‘large-scale infringement of the civil and political rights of lawyers, and Chinese citizens in general’. 


A leading Beijing human rights lawyer, Li Fangping, says he was recently manhandled and roughly treated by officers from a state prosecution service. He had been helping another lawyer who had been illegally detained. Mr Li said of the officers: ‘They gave no explanation whatsoever, nor did they show what rules [they were acting under]. Two of them pushed me out of my room, so that I had minor injuries on my arms from where they had handled me. I was on the third floor about half a meter from the stairs, so it was very dangerous. One push could have sent me falling down them.’ Source: Radio Free Asia