Tied up in knots

Iranian police have reacted to a new wave of 'un-Islamic dress' in Tehran by raiding shops selling men's ties and throwing women out of an international trade show.

He'd better not be heading out for a night in Tehran

The taste for Western clothing and fashion styles clearly irked local officials, who removed ties from many stores and fined several shopkeepers, reports
The Times newspaper in the UK.
As well as keeping the tie from making a comeback in the country, police also swooped on an international food show as women were reportedly flouting rules on covering their heads with a scarf. More than 80 booths were closed, with police chief Esmail Ahmadi Moqadam saying: ‘They did not take it seriously. That is why we shut them down.’
The strict rules issued by the Culture Ministry two years ago have many supporters, not least because the mullet, pony tail and gelled, spiked haircuts are
all outlawed.

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