22 Dec 2015

Top former A&O partner charged in Petrobras probe

The Allen & Overy partner who used to be head of its Dutch practice has been charged by the Brazilian Public Prosecutor's Office in relation to the long-running investigation into oil giant Petrobras.


Sietze Hepkema was also the global corporate co-head at A&O until he retired from the firm in 2011. He then joined the Dutch company SBM Offshore as chief governance and compliance officer. He was asked to oversee an investigation into allegations of bribery payments that were said to have been made by the company in Brazil and other countries. 

Still on supervisory board

Mr Hepkema's name appeared on a list of 12 people charged over bribes alleged to have been made in relation to contracts between Petrobras and SBM Offshore. Mr Hepkema is still on the SBM Supervisory Board. It has issued a statement saying: 'The Supervisory Board sees no impediments to Mr Hepkema continuing to serve as member of the SBM Offshore Supervisory Board. As always, due regard is given to potential conflicts of interest.' Source: The Lawyer