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Drone near miss prompts warning on multiple lawsuits

By Neasa MacErlean

27 July 2015 at 00:14 BST

A potential collision at Warsaw airport, averted by a 100m gap between a Lufthansa plane and a drone, has led to a warning that lawyers will be launching multiple PI lawsuits unless effective regulation comes in to tackle illegal use of drones.

A potential collusion at Warsaw airport between a Lufthansa plane and a drone highlights the need for regulation Przemyslaw Szablowski

Speaking of the problem of illegal flying of RPASs [Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems], Joe Urli, chair of the Australian Certified UAV Operators Association (ACUO), said: 'It's just a question of time and we'll have many lawyers looking at multiple fatality lawsuits as a result of illegal RPAS use.' The Lufthansa Embraer ERJ-195 was in the final stages of descent at Warsaw, having flown from Munich, when - the crew say - they narrowly avoided a drone. 


Joe Urli is interviewed in the launch issue of Robotics Law Journal about the regulation of drones. If you would like free access to a copy of the first issue, please email the editor at: neasamacerlean@globalcitymedia.com. Source: Flight Safety Australia


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