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    Ashurst heads to Scotland

    A large grant from the Scottish government has encouraged Ashurst to move its back office to Glasgow.


    Exigent extends into Canada

    Exigent, a leading global provider of legal process outsourcing (LPO), is opening a centre in Canada.


    A fresh look at outsourcing: Adam Smith redux

    Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, has a lesson for law firms in his magnum opus, The Wealth of Nations. Integreon CEO Robert Gogel says his message is as relevant now as back in 1776.


    Around the house

    A weekly round-up of moves across the globe.


    Emerging trends in contract management

    Contract discovery or C-discovery, as it is now known, is helping boards get a handle on the legal, compliance and risk management elements of overseeing contracts. Jeff Catanzaro of Huron Legal discusses how new technologies are helping.


    FT raises questions about listed law firm Quindell

    The Financial Times has raised various questions about the way Quindell - which it calls 'in very large part a listed law firm' has reported its results.

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Law firm issues libel notice through Twitter

A Canadian law firm has issued a libel notice through Twitter in what is thought to be a legal first.