Ai Leen Koh, Ph.D.

Ai Leen Koh, Ph.D.

Ai Leen Koh prosecutes US and foreign patent applications in the fields of computer software, electronic devices, medical devices, mechanical engineering, materials science, and semiconductor manufacturing. She has expertise in drafting applications related to smart home appliances, artificial intelligence, and big data analytics. Ai Leen has a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering with a minor in materials science and engineering. Her Ph.D. research focuses on the application of nanomaterials for early cancer detection using sensing and detection platforms. Prior to joining Morgan Lewis, Ai Leen was a senior research scientist at Stanford University and a postdoctoral research associate at Imperial College London, where she conducted research on nanomaterials on the atomic level using transmission electron microscopy, for their applications in areas such as plasmonics, energy storage and cancer detection. She has co-authored more than 80 peer-reviewed journal articles and has over 30 invited talks at international conferences and workshops. Ai Leen’s deep and diverse technology background and experience enable her to serve technology companies developing complex systems and platforms requiring IP protection across multiple technology fields.


Artificial Intelligence | 1yr

Chapter: United States

This first edition, written by leading AI legal specialists, provides answers and insight on how to integrate Artificial Intelligence into business operations, whilst working within the relevant law and guidelines in key jurisdictions around the world. It also provides horizon-scanning guidance on ...